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derek carr

delivers dreams


Valley Children's has a long standing relationship with Las Vegas Raiders Pro Quarterback, Derek Carr ever since Valley Children's saved his son's life. Derek continues to give back in big and small ways.

from fancy to finish lines

Valley Children's wanted to create a special day for some extraordinary patients and have Derek Carr play a big role in surprising the kids with fun, engaging events they'd remember for a lifetime. Our creative team was excited for the chance to help empower our Valley Children's client to make these events a reality by ideating, planning and capturing the events to be shared socially. The two events produced were a fairy princess tea party and go-kart racing. My roles extend from set direction, initial conception, wardrobe, post video direction.

fairy tea party

During these social shoots, I led all visual aspects to help bring these surprise events to life. I art directed everything from set design, wardrobe and props to the creation of various activities and key moments of each experience.


Seriously though ... creating the ultimate fairy princess tea party? Every girl's dream!


go-kart race

Creating a full go-karting track in a hospital parking lot was no easy feat. For this racing segment, I led the overall look and feel of the set where the race took place, wardrobe and some minor propping.

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