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the challenge

Medicare commercials, you've seen them, slapped between the commercial breaks of your favorite re-runs of Murder, She Wrote. This is what marketing towards people ages 65+ has a tendency to look like.

Stuck in a sea of sameness, Mutual of Omaha wanted to do something different. Sure, we still had to say all the things everyone else does, but with a surprising look and feel that was youthful, engaging and approachable.


medicare advantage


Mutual of Omaha offered Medicare Advantage, a supplemental Medicare program designed to provide health benefits on top of what's already offered with original Medicare. The objective of this campaign was to encourage people 65+ to sign up or switch insurance providers.

the idea

The look conceptually focuses on visuals conveying "circles of protection" in our lives and how it related to finding the right Medicare plan through Mutual of Omaha. We explored a couple ownable executions and ultimately landed on the more playful, vibrant and graphic approach.

The Mutual of Omaha CareAdvantage (HMO) plan protects everything that matters to members. Their health, their budget and even things like their vision, smile and fitness. It’s a full circle of protection with $0 premiums. We reinforce this by showing everything that’s covered with distinctive, circular graphics, culminating with the circular Mutual of Omaha logo.



web banners

pharmacy bag



direct mail

listening booth


In the first year of offering these new Medicare Advantage plans, Mutual of Omaha's strategy was more centered around the idea that they truly listen to their customers. It's because of their genuine caring, that Mutual of Omaha understands the best kinds of plans to offer their members, especially in localized markets.

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