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While art direction has been front and center of my career, I've always had a strong passion for writing. In December of 2018 I decided to put that passion into action and began writing a novel. Lines Between Stars is a standalone adult fantasy book currently a work in progress.


Most people dream of possessing magical abilities.

All Reyna Pérez wants is to be rid of them. 


To protect others from her dark magic, Reyna lives a life of solitude in her San Diego apartment. But on the eve of a friend’s birthday, Reyna’s desire for human connection lures her from the confines of home. She is thrust into a world of elemental magic, star bound revelations, and caught in the path of a malevolent force seething for revenge.

Upon meeting others like herself, she flees to Nidus in search of answers. The star forged island welcomes Reyna and her new companions with glittering parties, legendary fame, and a deity desperate for allies. When Reyna is offered a chance to have the life she’s only dreamt of, she pledges to help eradicate the darkness threatening Nidus and Earth.


But the closer she comes to finding answers, the more uncertain she grows of who is friend and who is foe. Lurking deep within Reyna’s forgotten memories are the clues to unraveling buried betrayals, a utopia on the brink of war and forbidden passions, a millenia in the making.


Some look to stars for guidance, but what would you risk to find the answers hidden in the darkness between them?

social storytelling

Part of my author journey has included developing an online author platform. As someone with no writing accolades to speak of, I decided to create my platform utilizing my design skills to help draw interest. I've been creating and posting visuals relevant to my story under a pen name on Instagram for almost 2 years.

The following are a handful of images I've created to visualize characters, locations and ideas within my novel. They have been created using free stock photography.

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