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Immy is an emerging virtual reality glasses product that wanted to establish a brand identity and campaign. The Immy utilizes a unique technology called N.E.O (Natural Eye Optics), which allows for a safer and richer AR/VR user experience.

what do you see?

The concept 'Inkblot’ speaks to a universal truth that although we can experience seeing the same content as someone else, our experience is uniquely our own. Immy seeks to bring opportunities to people to not only have an wonderous journey through V.R., but to also be used as an educational tool to expand learning possibilities.


mood board

A mood board was initially presented. The clients loved the correlation of an inkblot metaphor to tie in with their technology, but desired the look to feel a bit more approachable and bring about a feeling magic.


With a second round of refinement, 'Inkblot' began to inform and inspire visual direction in relation to the brand's overall strategy and vision.

brand identity

This deck outlines the overall strategy and stylistic elements of the concepts as we as how ‘Inkblot’ translates into business collateral.


trade show materials

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