women and wealth


The objective was to develop an idea differentiating The Private Bank from other financial institutions. Ideas were asked to encapsulate the bank's initiatives towards recognizing the distinctive needs of the women it serves.

Sure, money is personal, and there may have been a time when women weren’t comfortable discussing finances or making major financial decisions. Times are changing. Women are not only capable of taking control of investing and ensuring a secure financial future for themselves and their loved ones — they are doing it, and doing it well. It’s time to talk about it. Because the more women see other women taking charge, the more they’ll be empowered to do the same. It’s time to change the conversation.

print concepts

women and wealth


trophy wife

television concept

ACTION: Tight close-up on a woman speaking into camera.

WOMAN: (confident, and a little flirty)
I love being a trophy wife. 


ACTION: Camera pans back to show that she’s in a room filled with softball trophies and team photos.

WOMAN: I credit my investments for that. Because investing enabled me to build a girls’ softball franchise where my husband coaches…I manage…and our twin girls are loving life.

digital concept

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